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Block Printing & Embroidery Artisans

Imagine a plain piece of pure cotton or silk fabric. It is beautiful in its own right for sure. However, embellishing it with some colourful patterns using block printing or embroidery really brings it to life.

Block printing is an age old technique of adding a myriad of patterns to a plain piece of cloth. Artisans create beautiful patterns on textiles using wooden blocks. Each pattern is unique and highly artistic. Oftentimes, block printing yields more artistic results than any other method.

Block printing is the easiest and also the slowest of all textile decorating techniques. It is also one of the most eco-friendly and helps artisans earn sustainable livelihoods. Block printing keeps the skills and arts alive. Wooden engravers, dye makers, textile printers are just some of the people linked to the supply chain.

Decorating a piece of fabric using embroidery adds a completely new dimension to it. Kantha embroidery, in particular, not only embellishes but also gives a new lease of life to old textiles. Kantha originated in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is a simple long running stitch to keep multiple layers of fabric in place. Traditionally, it was used to make quilts from old sarees. It is one of the earliest forms of upcycling!

In an age where use-and-throw seems to be the norm, Kantha embroidery makes so much more sense!

We have partnered with an amazing women’s initiative based in India called Anoothi. They work with destitute women – give them shelter, train them, give them employment and pave the way for their economic & social independence. In their own words, “Anoothi is a social enterprise for women, of women & by women“. Our range of face masks, scarves*, pet neckerchiefs* are all handmade by these wonderful women artisans at Anoothi.

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