Ethico-what? Ah, Ethiqana!

Names change, personalities don't. In fact, we believe that our new name reflects more of ourselves, a natural state of being, very real & sustainable!

Truth be told, we called ourselves ethicological with all good intentions and even then we realised that it is a bit of a mouthful. We joked and laughed about it too. But as a business we needed to think about it a bit more seriously. And so the new name - Ethiqana. Short and simple, conveys what we do, tells a story and hopefully, will be easy to remember for all you folk out there!

Our aim is still the same - bring to the mainstream the arts and crafts of those skilled artisans whose skills are on the verge of being wiped out and also champion eco-friendly innovation that makes it that much easier to live a greener life.

To that end, we're working hard to bring some more beautiful works of art in our portfolio. And a new website where you can shop online with us directly. The change in our name is the first of many steps we are going to take this year as part of our evolutionary process. And we certainly hope, you like it!