Khunn is a rich fabric – handwoven and colourful. With its intricate designs inspired by nature, it is an art form in itself. This amazing fabric used to be much in vogue before the advent of mass produced synthetic fabrics made in factories and mills.

As a direct side effect of this mass production, the weavers whose livelihoods depended on this handwoven art struggled to make ends meet and as a result stopped all innovation.

Ethiqana has partnered with Kale Nele (meaning Shelter for the Arts) who have taken up the mantle of breathing new life into this age old tradition by re-interpreting it into beautiful items of soft furnishings, home and personal accessories.

These stunning items that you see in our store are a combination of skills of the weavers and those of the skilled artisans who turn this handwoven fabric into items for everyday use. These skilled craftsmen, locally referred to as “kaarigars” are adept in precise fabric patchwork, embroidery and appliqueing.

We sincerely hope that the adoption of this wonderfully rich handwoven fabric will not only rejuvenate the looms of weavers in the hinterlands of the cotton belts of Karnataka and rekindle the pride and joy they once enjoyed but also encourage the kaarigars to continue honing & spreading their skills for the modern world.