We are Ethiqana and our heart beats for all that is ethical, is sustainable and feels logical.

Ethiqana’s essence lies in these guiding principles:

  • Ensure that our products are sourced ethically following Fair Trade values
  • Support economic development, especially of women, through sustainable livelihoods
  • Promote logical eco-friendly alternatives for a sustainable lifestyle

We are also big fans of innovation, especially if it helps our environment. It might sound clichéd, but we really do have only one of this beautiful blue planet! Sustainability is the keyword here. Small changes in our lives make a big difference. We shall endeavour to bring these to you from innovators across the globe to bring about a positive change for our environment.

Social Enterprise

We are a certified Social Enterprise which means:

  • We have a clear social & environmental mission set out in our governing documents
  • We reinvest a majority of our profits back into supporting these goals
  • We are accountable & transparent

Our aim is not just to sell. We want to be the catalysts for artisanal revival by facilitating sustainable livelihoods for our talented artisans. Rapid industrialisation and the spread of cheap plastics has hit them hard. As a result, many in the artisan community have given up their craft to work in factories. This obviously risks losing these wonderful skills for posterity.

Most of these artisans work with traditional techniques passed on from one generation to the next. We want to bring these earth friendly handicrafts to the mainstream so that they are no longer a novelty. This will, hopefully, provide the consumer with an easy choice of handmade over mass produced goods. We also hope that this will help consumers move away from plastics in their everyday life.

Our intention is also to be able to provide our artisan heroes with opportunities to travel and connect with a worldwide audience. They say new experiences broaden your horizons. That is exactly what we also intend to achieve too.  This will help them to evolve their art and practices. This will go a long way in its preservation and propagation.

Ethiqana is founded on the principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability & fair trade.

Our mission is simple:

  • Empower artisans through fair & ethical sourcing.
  • Provide viable, affordable & sustainable choices to consumers.
  • Rediscover sustainable materials & reduce the dependence on plastics.
Artisan heroes

We work with carefully selected small artisan producers. Economic and creative empowerment & eco-friendliness is at the heart of this selection process. Our focus is to be the facilitators of opportunities for them so that their skills can be preserved.


We then bring these awesome products to the market via our online shopping channels i.e. this site and our eBay shop.

We pride ourselves in not just being a faceless online shop. We love to interact with people and make new friends. So, you can also find us participating regularly in select artisan markets and pop-up events all year round.


Our mission for a positive social change isn’t just limited to the artisans we work with. Shopping with us means your money goes a long way to bring hope to a lot more people.

We’ve been able to make a positive impact across the world, working through many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Hi! I’m Arshad and Ethiqana is my idea.

I’ve always had an interest in the creative world. Having grown up in India, I have seen first-hand how small artisans and their handicrafts have dwindled over the years. Wood and clay and other natural materials have made way for cheap plastics. What’s worse is that consumers prefer this “convenience”.

So, after spending over 20 successful years in the IT industry, I decided it was time to do something new. Something that I have always supported and thought about. And so Ethiqana began taking shape way back in 2017.

My inclination was turned into resolve when I read about the plight of artisan toymakers of Channapatna in the south of India. Their livelihoods and age old craft are almost on the brink of extinction due to the flood of cheap plastic toys. So, I decided to start my journey there.

Ethiqana’s story has just begun. I certainly hope that I will be able to add a few more chapters to it over time. Of course, the ethos will always remain the same.

Read more about how you can help make a positive impact or follow the links below to know more about our projects.