We are Ethiqana and our heart beats for all that is ethical, is sustainable and feels logical.

Ethiqana’s essence lies in these guiding principles:

  • Ensure that our products are sourced ethically following Fair Trade values
  • Support economic development, especially of women, through sustainable livelihoods
  • Promote easy eco-friendly living for a sustainable lifestyle

We are also big fans of innovation, especially it helps our environment. It might sound clichéd, but we really do have only one of this beautiful blue planet! Sustainability is the keyword here. Small changes in our lives make a big difference. We shall endeavour to bring these to you from innovators across the globe to bring about a positive change for our environment.

Our aim is not just to sell but to be the catalysts for artisanal revival by facilitating sustainable livelihoods in those communities which have been hit hard by rapid industrialisation and spread of cheap plastic alternatives.

Most of these artisans work with traditional techniques that have been passed on from one generation to the next. We want to bring these earth friendly handicrafts to the mainstream so that they are no longer a novelty but provide the consumer with an easy choice of handmade over mass produced goods.

Our intention is also to be able to provide our artisan heroes with opportunities to travel and connect with a worldwide audience so that they can share their talents and explore new possibilities.

Ethiqana is founded on the principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability & fair trade in order to bring about social parity.

We work with artisans whose age-old  techniques make fabulous use of natural and sustainable resources in an environmentally friendly way. Our focus is to be the facilitators of opportunities for these small producers so they can carry on with their skilled crafts without having to worry about losing or abandoning it or having to go and find work in some factory.

Through this mission, we also aim to highlight the benefits of sustainable materials and reduce the dependence on single use plastics which have become the bane of our modern lives.

Would you like to know more about the “why” behind this venture? Then follow this link to meet our founder.