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We’re officially a social enterprise!

Ethiqana was founded upon an ethos - ethically sourced, eco-friendly products that provide sustainable livelihoods and make complete sense! Our aim is to be able to bring to the mainstream the arts and crafts of all those artisans whose livelihoods have been stifled by the unhindered march of modern industrialisation processes. We also recognise that today's world comes with challenges unforeseen in terms of ecological conservation and so the second of our objectives is to foster eco-friendly innovation.

With this intent, we applied for the membership of Social Enterprise UK and we are extremely grateful and immensely proud to have been accepted as a member. Quite literally, made our day!

For the uninitiated, Social Enterprise UK is the largest network of businesses with a social and/or environmental purpose. They have been at the forefront of driving the social enterprise movement in the UK which aims to make doing business in this way the "usual way". Social Enterprise UK has also been instrumental in ensuring that the Social Value Act became law which requires public bodies to take into account the social value when selecting providers rather than just cost. So, suffice to say, we're chuffed to bits to get this certification and will proudly be displaying the badge of honour!

Ethical business? Yes, please!

A business is, by definition, an endeavour to make money. Traditionally, businesses have focused on profit which meant amassing wealth for the business owners, caring little or not at all for the machinery (read people) that keeps the business running.

However, with more awareness of the geopolitical situations in the world made possible, in no small measure, by 24x7 TV channels and the growth of the internet, the idea of ethical businesses has taken hold and rightly so. For it is not implausible to think that a commercial activity can be mutually beneficial to the owner of the business and the wider society and environment that it is dependent on. Sounds quite fair and logical, doesn't it? The idea for Ethiqana was borne out of such thinking. There is plenty of art and innovation out there - some that has existed for centuries and more that are constantly evolving to suit the needs of the modern world. There is a massive need for economic empowerment of the communities of artisans who have been left to fend for themselves simply because their art forms do not fit the modern narrative. Either that or massive factories churn out cheap alternatives, often at the expense of the environment and at such a rate that these talented workers don't stand a chance against this greedy industrial juggernaut. And while it is important for us to focus on the needs of the artisans, we must not take our eyes off the ecological innovation ball. For it is the lifeline for our planet if we are to keep it habitable for our future generations.

That is why, at Ethiqana, we take great care in our selection of the range of items we bring to you - ethically sourced, eco-friendly products, providing sustainable livelihoods which make total sense. And as we grow, we will continue to invest and re-invest in our valuable sources and hope to make a small positive contribution in our own way. Like a true ethical business.

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